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Electric Water Heater - FAQs

The latest trend is to buy products online, to buy water heater online first check our website We offer the same warranty benefits even if you buy water heater online. When considering to buy a Water Heater look no further than Venus Home Appliances. With its wide range of water heaters it provides you with innumerable options to choose from, to suit your various requirements like usage, capacity and budget. You can buy venus water heater online in all the major online websites.

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

1. How to choose the right Water Heater?

Selection of the right water heater is important so that you get reliable and safe performance for years. Compromising on certain aspects can prevent you from enjoying hot water when needed. Following aspects are important at the time of choosing a water heater:

For 1-2 persons per bathroom choose minimum 6 ltrs or more. For cold climate areas minimum 15 ltrs or more.

For 3-4 persons minimum 15 ltrs or more. For cold climatic locations minimum 25 ltrs or more.

For kitchen either Instant Water Heater or 10 ltrs water heare for cold areas.

For bath tub in bathroom minimum 50 ltrs or more

2. Which Water Heater is right for me – Storage or Instant?

Both have their plus points. Storage water heater will give hot water at the set temperature upto 75°C and store it for later use too. Instant water heater will give hot water in minutes with no waiting time. However, Instant water heater will not give piping hot water in cold climate areas. It is more suited for moderate climate areas.

3. How to choose the right capacity Water Heater?

Choose the water heater according to your application and the number of persons using the same. The climatic condition of your city will also influence the capacity of the water heater.

Corrosion resistance

Ability to withstand hard water

Energy saving features

Pressure rating

Service backup

Choose the brand that gives you the right mix of the above

4. I have hard water in my house, will my Water Heater be affected?

Hard water will cause scale deposits on the tank and heating element corroding them and result in premature failure. Increased energy consumption will also be there.

5. Which water heater withstands hard water?

Glass lined tanks and copper tanks can withstand hard water without failure for years. Water heater with glass lined or copper tanks will last longer in hard water. Incoloy elements will last longer than ordinary element in hard water. Glass lining on tank and heating element will reduce scale deposits and avoid premature failure.

6. What are the safety features in your water heater?

There are a number of safety features to prevent excessive temperature or pressure inside the water heater – Thermostat, Thermal cutout and Multi Function Valve. These are as per IS standard.

7. Will my water heater consume lot of energy?

Energy consumption in water heaters is surprisingly much lower than other household appliances mainly because water heater work for a very short time as compared to other appliances (Air conditioner, Refrigerator, TV etc.) Our models have star rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Most of the models are either 4 or 5 star rated – the highest energy efficiency rating.

8. What is porcelain enamel glass lined tank?

Porcelain enamel is a glass line coating given to the inner tank. The glass lined tank is then protected from corrosion in contact with water and can last for years. The glass lining also reduces scale deposits in hard water.

9. My water heater is not working, how do I contact your customer service?

You can contact our customer care on 08144666999 or register a service call by visiting our website . We have nationwide service within 24 hours through a network of more than 100 service centers.

10. What is the warranty period on your water heater?

Warranty varies from model to model. The inner tank carry warranty from 5-10 years. The heating element has a warranty from 2-3 years. Overall product has a warranty of 2 years.

11. Do you have a dealer near my location how do I find the nearest dealer?

Our products are available nationwide through a network of more than 3000 dealers – Electrical, Electronic and Sanitary. You can find one nearest to you by visiting our website

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