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Porcelain Enamel Tank - is a trusted & proven technology for inner tank of water heaters. Used widely across the world, it is ideal for long life & trouble free performance in all kinds of water. More than 95% of water heaters produced worldwide are with enamel tanks. Corrosion protection is very good due to fusion of glass layer to metal.


Polymer Tank - this technology is very similar to powder coating & is developed by paint suppliers. It is not widely used and is not approved by BIS for use in water heaters. Corrosion protection is limited by the adhesion of the coating to the metal.


Stainless Steel Tank - this is an outdated technology that manufacturers are moving out of now. Corrosion protection is very poor, particularly in hard water and due to poor welding quality.

SL Description Enamel Tank Polymer Tank SS Tank
1 Protection Coating Porcelain Enamel Polymer-powder coating -
2 Coating Type Inorganic Organic - powder coating None
3 Coating Thickness 250 - 400 microns 150-200 microns None
4 Coating Adhesion Fused with metal Similar to powder coating None
5 Baking Temperature 850 deg C 200 deg C -
6 Life of the Coating Long life Limited life -
7 Usage Widely used Internationally Limited. In very few countries Limited. In very few countries
8 Material Mild Steel Mild Steel Stainless Steel
9 Thickness 2.0mm 1.2mm 0.63
10 Rated Pressure 8kg/cm2 8kg/cm2 3kg/cm2 & 6kg/cm2
11 cathodic protection Magnesium Anode Magnesium Anode -
12 Hard water Suitability Good Average Poor
13 Corrosion Protection V.Good Average Poor-Average
14 Hot Water resistant V.Good Average V.Good
15 Approved Quality Standards BIS, IEC, DIN & UL Nil BIS
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