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Unique Features

The enamel coating is fired at 850°C to fuse and bond with the inner tank, protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

30 mm Extra thick (PUF) insulation keeps the water hot for a much longer time and reduces energy consumption.

Sacrificial Magnesium anode: A Special device to enhance the corrosion protection of the tank by means of "Cathodic Action.

"High Grade Elements: Ceramic Elements in vertical models and incoloy elements in horizontal models. These elements give longer life and reliable performance - even in hard water areas.

"Scale Guard Technology : In Ceramic heating element heat is transferred over a much larger surface area, which reduces the stress on heating element, lowers watts density/ and ensures less scale deposition on heating element..

Glass Lined Elements : Reduces scale formation. Prevents premature element failure.

8 Bars : Highest pressure rating of 8 bars for use in multistorey buildings or with pressure pumps.

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